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Lola Schnabel: FLUTTUAZIONI Marina Abramović - The Kitchen Daata in VENICE - A Daata Editions mixtape for Venice Biennale 2017 Indian Water - The Native American Pavilion Diventare Schiavo, Ryder Ripps Sundoor at World's End, by Slater B. Bradley Kenya Pavilion: Another Country African Film Festival – ORIGINS ITINERARY of BIOPORTRAIT MONOLOGUE FOR TWO SOLEIL NOIR by LAURENT GRASSO Misty clouds scattered colours II FUTURE RESONANCE Back to the POSTFUTURE VANQUISHED BY THE FICKLE GODDESS Luigi Carboni: Non è luce in piena luce ReConstructo - Rebuilding Mexico KOSMOGONOS Talk: Seismic Engineering meets Seismic Architecture
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